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Gibbons Company
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Shop Gibbons Company for summer fashion for Men’s, Ladies, Juniors and Kids as well as everything you need for entertaining this May 24th!

From a collection of new GAP summer casual wear for men. Exclusive Ladies Lacoste polos in assorted colours, $98.00 and visors, $30.00 on the main fashion floor. New Democracy Contemporary Collection now in the Ladies Department. From a new collection of career wear by Chaus and Vince Camuto in exciting colours. You’ll always look your best in Dockers! New spring and summer stock is now in the Men’s Department.
Stay cool and comfortable and always in style in Original Penguin. Fashion trends for Juniors and Juniors Plus is located on the Church Street Level. Summer collections by XOXO and Peach Puff are cool and free spirited; perfect for May 24th . Ballerina Flats available in assorted styles and colours are found in the Shoe Boutique on the Reid Street Level. Accessorize with bold, beaded necklaces priced from $16.00 located in Juniors.
Suede pointy toe pumps by Nine West in jewel tones. Jessica Simpson Racine Lace Up Ghille Sandals available in suede in the shoe boutique. Turn heads at the beach in “Net Worth” Swimsuit Collection by Bleu/Rod Beattie. Come see more fantastic swimwear located in the Lingerie Department. Comfortable and stylish slip on wedge sandals located in the Shoe boutique on the Reid Street Level. Suede open toe sling back pumps available in jewel tones.
New arrivals by GAP for baby and toddler sizes for boys. Summer girls collection sizes 4-6x found in the Children’s Department on the Church Street level. New arrivals by GAP for baby and toddler sizes for girls. Cute rain gear available for boys and girls for those rainy days! If blue’s for  you, mix and match this whimsical TAG collection for your summer entertaining table found in the basement in the Home & Garden Department.
Long lasting citronella and eucalyptus outdoor TORCHPOTS by TAG, priced at $20.00 each  are found in the basement in the Home & Garden Department. Set a bright and welcoming table with new TAG plastic table wear found in the basement in the Home &  Garden Department.    
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